Arkansas has a rich heritage of technology. Here are a few of the events marking the way to today's tech world. Let us know of other key events we can add to the list. Or you can go to our Facebook page to comment. Maybe you were involved in one of Arkansas pioneering efforts?

If you are interested in pioneers in computing in Arkansas, you might enjoy the Arkansas Academy of Computing video interview series here:

~5000 BC Novaculite mining begins, followed by export trade throughout the Mississippi drainage.

1819 First Printing Press West of the Mississippi

1830 Bowie knife

1960s Rice Hull Baler, patented by Johnnie Bryan Hunt, prelude to J.B. Hunt Trucking

1966 Hemco founded, producing early computerized sawmills

1968 Systematics, Inc. founded (now Fidelity National Information Services - FIS)
Walter Smiley Video:

1969 Demographics, Inc. Founded (now Acxiom)

1969 National Migrant Student Record Transfer System Established

1971 Establishment of National Center for Toxicological Research at Jefferson, Arkansas

1975 Arkansas Systems Inc. founded (now Euronet Software Solutions)

1983 IMPAC Learning Systems established (Instructional Microcomputers in Arkansas Classrooms)
Cecil McDermott Video

1983 Ozark Softscape releases influential multi-player video game M.U.L.E.

2004 Mid-South Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS) established

2008  Arkansas Research Alliance Established (scholars program 2010)

September 2013: The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub is established in Argenta

May 2014:  The Venture Center is launched in Little Rock

December 2015  FinTech Accelerator partnership with FIS announced

April 2016: HubX-LifeSciences kicks off at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub