#Techtober Supporter Twitter Chat Overview

#Techtober Startup Partner Twitter Chat Overview 

Partner Promo Ask Please promote the Techtober Startup Twitter Chat several times across your social media channels over the next two weeks to help us reach the broadest audience. 

We have provided Techtober-branded assets as well as “proud supporter” assets that have white space for you to embed your own logo/branding alongside the Techtober branding if permitted by your organization. 

You may also use the Techtober branded assets to promote the Twitter chat on your personal social media profiles as well. 

Twitter Chat Overview Objective: To engage the Arkansas tech and startup communities, and to expand awareness of entrepreneurs and resources available to them in Arkansas. 

Host & Hashtag: #Techtober @TechtoberAR 

Date & Time: Thursday, 10/22/19 at 7 pm CT 

Conversation Structure: @TechtoberAR will launch the chat at 7 pm with a welcome and will ask 4 organized questions throughout the hour to help guide the conversation. (If you’ve never participated in a Twitter Chat, that’s okay, there are brief guidelines below). 

Welcome: Welcome to the inaugural #Techtober Twitter Chat! Where in AR (or outside AR) are you joining the conversation from? 

Question 1: Q1: Introduce yourself and/or your organization and explain how you support entrepreneurship in Arkansas. [Please “thread” multiple tweets. Links are welcome.] If you're an entrepreneur, tell us about your business--how it started and what it does. #Techtober 

Question 2: Q2: Why is #entrepreneurship important to you? Why do you do what you do? #Techtober 

Question 3: Q3: What do you wish people knew about entrepreneurship in Arkansas--perhaps a ‘best-kept secret’, a ‘special sauce’, or a ‘Hidden Figure’? #Techtober 

Question 4: Q4: What next steps (changes, growth or events) are next for you and/or your company or organization? #Techtober 

#Techtober Startup Partner Twitter Chat Overview 

Wrap-Up: Thank you for joining the #Techtober Twitter Chat. Check out Techtober.com for all the events happening for the rest of the month. 

Tips and Tricks 

1. DO follow @TechtoberAR and #Techtober 2. DO follow standard Twitter Chat protocols 

To streamline the content put out during a Twitter chat, most Twitter chats generally follow this format: 

Q1: Question here #Techtober A1: Answer here #Techtober 

3. DO be conversational. It’s a two-way discussion. Show respect and be courteous. 

4. DO Use hashtags and handles in every tweet. 

Twitter users follow a designated hashtag to track a specific chat, meaning if you omit the hashtag, then your tweet won’t be included in the Twitter chat. 

When engaging directly with a user in the Twitter chat, you should include the hashtag and the user’s personal Twitter handle, to ensure the tweet is seen and engaged with. 

5. DO Include links to relevant content, when applicable. 

Seen an article, blog post, press release or case study that’s relevant to the topic or the question being discussed? Link it in your response! 

This is also a great opportunity to share your content without blatantly self-promoting--a big don’t when it comes to Twitter chats! (An opportunity to highlight your organization’s upcoming event or program will be included in Q4.) 

5. Have fun! Remember to use gifs, images, and videos in the conversation if you’d like. 

(Tweets with images often reach further and have higher engagement) 

PRO TIP: Use tools like Twubs.com, Tchat.io or Tweet Deck to follow the conversation more effectively. 

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